Thursday, June 02, 2005

610 WIP

Blinq reports on the big fight brewing at the offices of 610 WIP--America's best sports-talk radio station.

It seems that morning host Angelo Cataldi has taken his fight with night-time host Howard Eskin out of school and onto his personal website. Non-Philadelphia natives will find this tiresome, but really, what do I care? I don't make you sit through listings of my TV appearances, so you can indulge me.

It seems that after being suspended from the station, Eskin has returned and started taking shots at Cataldi and his co-hosts, Rhea Hughes and Al Morganti. Cataldi has rushed in to defend their honor. (Read his long, intemperate post here. It certainly has the smell of truth to it.) Good for him.

Cataldi isn't a serious sports heavyweight, but he's good people, as is Hughes. For his part, Morganti may be the smartest guy at WIP. For Eskin to pick a fight with him is the height of idiocy.

But then again, that's Howard Eskin's long suit. Eskin has been a fixture in Philadelphia sports for as long as I've been watching the Sixers lose. He is oafish, loud, abrasive, and incredibly self-satisfied. He reeks of corporate favoritism--it is simply inconceivable that he produces any kind of numbers for WIP and he has bounced around so many jobs in town that clearly no one wants to keep him as a franchise.

Everyone knows someone like Eskin: The guy who sucks up to management and keeps being allowed to fail. The guy who thinks that his imperviousness to the consequences of his failures is a sign that he has no shortcomings. That Cataldi has finally called him out, in public, is something that everyone who loves WIP should celebrate.

Let's hope the management at WIP finally come to their senses and dump Eskin the way everyone else in town has.

PS: For those of you who care, Cataldi also says that June 21 is the date WIP will start broadcasting on the web.


That Dude said...

R U effing kidding me? June 21 WIP will be on the WEB. Sweet Jesus thank you. For displaced Philly peeps this is like manna from heaven.

I'm sure you remembver how Eskin was a total Schmidtty/Barkley suck up.

That Dude said...

WIP BLOWS away the Fan. Any station that would put on Mike n Mad Dog aught to be ashamed. I watched them all the time on directv. TERRIBLE radio. Wait, dont they have Imus on there too? Even worse, any station that has Skeletor should be laughed at.

The Fan can't carry WIP's Jock. Deal with that.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, an FAN - WIP smackdown. Awesome. Yeah, sure, Eskin is better than Mike and the Dog. Good one.

And when's the last time Philly won a championship in any sport again?

Hey, now that Jody Mac has been canned by the FAN again, think he'll be back on the air on WIP soon?

That Dude said...

I hope Jody Mac comes back he was a real talent. Eskin is a scumbag for sure, but his radio show is entirely more entertaining than friggin Mike Francessa.

As to Philly winning a title....I would say give us 2 teams in every friggin' sport and I think we'd do as well as NY, but then again, no worries , as we will be bitch slapping Eli twice a year for the next 10 years.

Oh yeah, you can add another title for NY this year by proxy for Isaih Thomas sending Nazr to the Spurs.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard 610 WIP, so I will not comment on its respective wit and wisdom, but having listened a lot to WEEI 850AM in Boston and 103.7FM in RI and Eastern CT, I say that EEI smokes the FAN everyday of the week and twice on Sunday between sports talk plus right wing politics with Dennis and Callahan and the big show witht eh Big O int he afternoon, New Englanders revel with two defending champs and outstanding sports talk.

Anonymous said...

Cataldi, Eskin, They are all idiots. A bunch of 50-year-old sportswriters who think they can provide entertaining and humorous radio talk. Nobody is worth listening to on WIP. There needs to be a new sports station with younger people on it.

Anonymous said...

I have always wondered if this feud between Eskin and Cataldi was real or a station stunt.

I live in the western Philadelphia suburbs and I work of my house. I listen to WIP most of the day. I think Eskin is extremely arrogant and obnoxious. However, I also feel that he is very knowledgeable and well spoken.

As far as the morning show, Cataldi is stealing money from that station. He is annoying and not nearly as funny as he thinks he is. Morganti is tolerable and Rhea Hughes does a nice job.

Being a Yankee, Giant, Ranger and Knick fan, I also listen to The Fan. I enjoy Mike and the Mad Dog but the rest of the personalities are rather pedestrian. If nothing else, WIP is far more entertaining than the FAN.