Tuesday, June 14, 2005

This morning's Washington Post reports that 26-year-old Katie Holmes, who once was a nice Catholic schoolgirl from Ohio, is leaving the Church to join the Church of Scientology, to which her current beau, Tom Cruise, 42, belongs.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, does this mean she's also in the closet?

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Dean Wormer:

"Pretty, brainwashed and broke is no way to go through life, young lady."

Jason O.

Anonymous said...

nicole kidman, a practicing catholic, had the right idea.

Anonymous said...

Tom Cruise has a thing for Catholic girls - Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, and now Katie Holmes. NK and PC seemed to have been resistant to getting fully on-board the Scientology bandwagon, resulting, perhaps, in their jettisoning? Now he's got a seemingly impressionable 26-year old to work with. Sad that she's so easily led away from the faith of her family and her upbringing. Odd twist that needs some psychoanalytic focus: Tom Cruise has said that at one point in his life he wanted to be a Cathlic priest. Calling Dr. Freud --

Anonymous said...

Hmm... trying to figure out what saint to ask for intercession to save her. I think Hellboy would suggest St. Dionysius Æropagiticus.

You damned monster! ... It's for you!

--Bill Walsh