Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What's Happening With Russell Crowe?

Throwing phones works great for dramatic effect. You see it all the time in movies. But in reality, if you throw a phone at, say, a hotel concierge, which is exactly what Russell Crowe recently did, you can wind up in serious trouble. No doubt the concierge has got himself a good lawyer and Crowe will have to settle, after lacerating the hotel employee's face. Crowe claims he was frustrated in his attempts to call his wife Danielle Spencer. And here's where I thought this would make a good item, considering his blonde actress wife has the same name as the woman who played Dee in What's Happening? I was ready to throw out my references to Mabel King and Shirley Hemphill, No Roger-No Rerun-No Rent, What Doobie You Be? Alas, the brilliant minds at UsedWigs had beaten me to it and from quite some time ago. (Scroll down to their Corrections Dept.)


LL said...

Hey, hey hey.


That Dude said...

Mama, I CANT breathe!