Monday, June 13, 2005

Mother of the Year

SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) -- The mother of a 12-year-old boy killed in his own home by one of the family's two pit bulls says she had been so concerned about one of the dogs that she shut her son in the basement to protect him.

Maureen Faibish said she ordered Nicholas to stay in the basement while she did errands on June 3, the day he was attacked by one or both of the dogs.

She said she was worried about the male dog, Rex, who was acting possessive because the female, Ella, was in heat.

"I put him down there, with a shovel on the door," Faibish said in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle. "And I told him: 'Stay down there until I come back.' Typical Nicky, he wouldn't listen to me."

Nicholas apparently found a way to open the basement door.

Despite her concerns about Rex that day, Faibish told the newspaper: "My kids got along great with (the dogs). We were never seeing any kind of violent tendencies."

Faibish found her son's body in a bedroom. He was covered in blood from several wounds, including a major head injury.

No charges have been filed.

"It's Nicky's time to go," she said in the interview. "When you're born you're destined to go and this was his time."


Rachel said...

Note how philosophical she is about her son's death. It was his time to go. Jeebus!

Anonymous said...

I love how she locks the CHILD in the basement with a shovel under the door handle, not the dog. And how she leaves the kid at home instead of taking him with her to do errands. And how she had two pit bulls in a house with a child, not to mention unspayed pit bulls. And how she had "concerns" about the dogs, but not enough to perhaps bring them to the shelter or the vet. And how she blithely philosophizes that it was just "his time to go." And...

How is it no charges have been filed?

LL said...

Pitbull people are absolutely crazy. Here in the Omaha metro-area (Nebraska and Iowa), Council Bluffs, Iowa proposed a ban on pitbulls. I have never seen a local issue cause so much reaction. You can tax the hell out of these people, but you try and take their pitbulls away and they hit the bloody ceiling.

Pitbull people will live in pitbull crap and piss-filled squalor and treat those dogs better than their kids or themselves.

Anonymous said...

I think it is the mother's "time to go"...

Starve the dogs for a few days, lock her in the basement (with the dogs), and then let them have at it.

Sorry, I just can't take this type of demented stupidity.

Anonymous said...

We all must understand that this woman is only excercizing her right to choose and to charge her would violate her all over again destroying her health. She had errands to run and obviously this boy got in the way of her more important issues in life.

Anonymous said...

I am an avid dog lover myself but if any of my animals had any sort of violent tendancies then at the least they would go on chains if not put down. The fact thatthe woman locked ger son up and not the dog is stupidity on her part and she should get manslaughter at the very least.