Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Fetish Watch

Galley Friend B.W. sends along this Sal Paolantonio column about Terrell Owens. It's got nearly all of my fetishes wrapped up into one neat package: Philly sports, Donovan McNabb, Howard Eskin, 610 WIP--even Stephen A. Smith.

So for the three of you who care--B.J., Dude from Philly, and M.G.--enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I give Sal Pal a ton of credit for pointing out what TO and Rosenhaus haven't realized Philly fans don't forgive and they don't forget. Owens and Rosenhaus can talk all they want about how everything will be forgotten once Owens catches his first touchdown pass of the season, and that'd be true in pretty much every other city. Owens is getting very close to having a "for who, for what" moment that will get him driven out of town.

Also, the Owens hold out features Eskin vs. Smith what better match up could you ask for. Could we get them to settle this in a steel cage match?

Rock Throwing Peasant said...

Owens has already had that moment. I think Philly fans (disclosure: I'm one) could've let an initial request for a new contract. Probably just laughed at off with, "Hey, it's worth a shot."

However, Owens proceeded to throw McNabb under the bus. To what end? McNabb is an enigma. He shows an unflappable nature and yet still obsesses over the treatment by the Dirty Thirty (the morons who booed him on draft day). Still, McNabb has never pushed a teammate into traffic and gets the nod from fans for loyalty.

Rosenhaus (Wormwood) either has no control over TO's comments or has concluded it's time to poison the well and get a trade.

I say, let him sit. The Eagles have a good "free agent" reputation and a good reputation in estimating talent. If the Eagles pass, TO will never recover the money he loses by sitting out.

The contract was likely a two year deal. So, after this year, he'd be released or renegotiated with another signing bonus. If he holds out, next year's bonus must be at least $3.5 million greater than the bonus he would've gotten if he played out the year. Factoring in the Eagles' ability to pay the right amount for talent and the bad nationwide press he generated...

If he sits, Wormwood has clearly not acted in his player's best interest.

I still think he'll attend and play. It's just such bad business to sit out the year and the Eagles gain little to nothing by trading a guy one year into his contract.