Friday, June 10, 2005

Paul Krugman: Jerk, Part II

Showing what a fine colleague he must be, Paul "Wolfman" Krugman takes another shot at Daniel Okrent today:
It's not a pretty picture - which is why right-wing partisans try so hard to discredit anyone who tries to explain to the public what's going on.

These partisans rely in part on obfuscation: shaping, slicing and selectively presenting data in an attempt to mislead.


Bill Baar said...

I'm Krugman's age and remember Chicago in those years. It's a much better place to live now than then. This is what happens when you get old though: yesterday seems better. It wasn't if you think a little and look around at how people live now. Krugman should know better.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious, JVL, when people accuse you of being dishonest, how do you respond?

Bill Baar said...

quote Pontous Pilate's question to Jesus: "What is truth?"