Monday, June 20, 2005

Pop Quiz: Sullivan or Kos?

Who says:
It is this administration that has brought indelible shame on America, it's people like Dick Durbin who prove that some can actually stand up against this stain on American honor and call it what it is. Good for him. Thank God for him.

Andrew Sullivan or Markos Moulitsas?



Anonymous said...

On the same page today he has a post showing that he's skeptical of global warming, so you can't say he's gone hard left either.

I've given up trying to figure Sullivan out. He's a strange sui generius kind of reactionary. Maybe he simply needs to adjust his meds.

Anonymous said...

The game here, obviously, is to define torture down to such ridiculous levels that Bush looks bad no matter what.

I'm sure other's have said this, but I believe Sullivan's complete motivation at this point is gay marriage. All other issues are only valuable to him as a weapon against Bush/republicans. Take his primary argument about Iraq: that the U.S. didn't send in enough troops. I could be wrong, but I don't remember him voicing this concern pre-Iraq. Also, he never explains where the military should have acquired those troops in the first place. In effect, he is arguing both sides: we were right to go in, but wrong in our execution. This is the most irritating argument. If he genuinly thought that we should have had more troops to start, then he shouldn't have supported the war. I could respect that. But something snapped inside of him regarding gay issues, and he has tailored every word since that time to push policy towards his objective, and in his mind that means damaging Bush and the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Kos? Sullivan? The difference is?

WatchFires said...

What do you expect? It is June after all.

(No it doesn't make sense, but it's as good a reason as any to explain Sullivan)

That Dude said...

Yo Jon, WIP is live on the web RIGHT NOW.