Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Frum on Sullivan

Galley Friend B.W. notes that David Frum has taken the gloves off:
So count me un-fisked - and unimpressed.

And maybe irked enough by Andrew's continual personalization of this matter to adventure one further point. I began this debate by observing that for all the furious clamor in favor of a legal right to same-sex marriage, once the right was won in Canada, Canadian homosexuals showed scant interest in making use of their new opportunity. Let me in my turn be personal. Andrew mentions in the same column in which he scolds me that he is about to take his annual vacation in Provincetown, Massachusetts, where he owns a home and could, I suppose, easily qualify as a legal resident. Andrew has often argued that Massachusetts has recognized same-sex marriage for a year without any immediately catastrophic result. But one could reply that there's something else that has not happened in this historic year: Andrew Sullivan has never quite gotten around to marrying that boyfriend he so often mentions in his column. Isn't his own example strong proof that my alleged "sloppiness" was in fact precisely correct?

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Anonymous said...

Who proposes to whom in a gay relationship?