Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bolton, the Senate, and Hypocrisy

Not that you care--because really, why would you?--but I have an op-ed up at the Philadelphia Inquirer about John Bolton, badly behaved senators, and the merits of hypocrisy.

I wouldn't mention it, except that it's the first time I've written for the Inquirer, my beloved home-town paper; and that makes me kind of happy.


Anonymous said...

Great article. I'm also sick of this dragging on. He may not be Mr. Congeniality but at least we know he's not squishy.


Anonymous said...

I say we leave the post in the UN open and hold off on sending any more money until the Democrats decide to vote. Then we can all pray they hold firm for years and years.

That Dude said...

I hope Rubin posts it on Blinq.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, JVL. I may despise the Boston Globe's politics, but to appear on their sport pages would fulfill a lifelong dream. Good for you. And an excellent piece.