Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Girl Scout Esteem

Kathy Nelson has a frightful post about the latest trend in Girl Scouting: treating low self-esteem with a "Uniquely ME!" program.

The Girl Scouts have even created a "getting-to-know-me game" called "Me-O-Meter."


Ralphie said...

Is that pronounced "Me-oh-MEEter" or "Me-AHMitter"?

Aaron Hanscom said...
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Aaron Hanscom said...

Take note of the information in the aforementioned article that teachers across the country are now forced to use colors other than red when grading papers. I can attest from personal experience(I am a teacher in Los Angeles) that fascist administrators are indeed checking for this when they evaluate your classroom. Red of course makes the children feel bad about themselves by so clearly highlighting what they did wrong.