Monday, July 18, 2005

The DiCaprio Syndrome

Reihan and John Podhoretz have now discovered Rachel McAdams, who is becoming a breakout star.

Some of us were blown away by McAdams' work in Mean Girls and believed at the time that it was her performance, not Lindsay Lohan's, which made the movie work so well.

But here's the real question: In ten years will we look back on Mean Girls and laugh about how strange it must have been on set to have Kirk Cameron as the star making Leo DiCaprio carry around his bags?

Bonus: The most recent--and satisfying--actress to be aflicted with the DiCaprio Syndrome is Jennifer Love Hewitt, who was quite the queen bee herself when she got her very own TV show, Time of Your Life. I wonder if she let her lowly co-star--Jennifer Garner--get her sloppy seconds from the snack cart.

This sort of fall from fame could happen to better people than LiLo.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I pretty much put The Notebook on my Netflix list solely because of her presence.

WatchFires said...

Is it really appropriate to use "Jennifer Garner" in the same sentence as "sloppy seconds"?

On second thought, yeah, it is.