Friday, September 16, 2005

The Blog Crush has faltered with his ridiculous slag-off on Liv Tyler:
Liv Tyler is maybe the only "amazing Hollywood beauty" who, if she tried to kiss me, I would do that thing where I lean back a little and instead offer her a hearty handshake. And not just cause she got so heavy. Her features don't really come off as attractive in real life. And also cause she got so heavy. I don't want to call her fat, but if she and I ever work in an office that sends us on a retreat, and we're partnered up to do trust falls, she's going to have trust issues from now on.

I say, Hey, she-elf, keep the ears on.

Also, girl-Friday Jenny offers the following headline: " Chesney is too phoney, Hewitt is too clothed and Moss is too high." You know you spend too much time in the blogosphere when you read that and think, My God, what has Hugh done?

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