Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Shame of Darfur

First Things, one of my three favorite magazines on the planet, has a great issue this month, but the flagship piece is a long essay by Allen D. Hertzke on the tragedy in Darfur. It makes for difficult reading for anyone concerned with human suffering, but particularly for supporters of President Bush.

Print it out and sit down with it tonight.


Anonymous said...

"one of my three favorite magazines on the planet"

We've got First Things, and I can probably guess the second. What's the third? New Yorker? Atlantic?

Anonymous said...

Yes, a very good article, although I am not sure that any of the suggestions for solving the crisis are in any way adequate.
Another plus for you - you get to throw a gratuitous shot at President Bush. Of course, it is his fault.
What are YOUR fucking suggestions on how to deal with this problem? You sit around and throw shit at the President on issue after issue without ONCE giving a constructive thought or suggestion as to how such a smart guy like you would handle these problems.
I guess when one of your favorite magazines is The New Yorker, your concept of serious critical thinking is fucked.

Anonymous said...

W. Standard, F. Things, & ... ?

(Or do you secretly hate the Weekly Standard? That would be a little weird, but you can tell me.)

. . .

O.M.G., it's n+1, isn't it? That mag is like soooo good, it comes out twice a year, it's edited by totally sweet wunderkinds from New York. And A.O. Scott likes it! Cool!