Thursday, September 01, 2005

My Plan for Sacrifice

From Daily Kos:
Right now, with the humanitarian situation on the Gulf Coast already worse than imaginable, anyone who can - anyone with any human decency - must be called upon to make a sacrifice and help out our fellow men and women.

So here's my proposal. I don't even think it'll be that painful. I'm just not going to be giving any holiday gifts when December comes around this year. Instead, I'm going to give whatever I might have spent on presents to hurricane relief efforts instead. Goodness knows that the Gulf Coast refugees need it more than anyone I know needs a new video game or handbag.

I hope you'll consider joining me. I think your friends and family will understand if you explain your decision to them . . .

I understand that all of this is very serious but isn't this a slight perversion of the core of "sacrifice"?

Click through to read the comments to that post. The people of Daily Kos think this is a bang-up idea.


Anonymous said...

That's mildly insane. It's like the artist's and actors and what have you doing the benefit albums and requiring you to actually fork over the charitable donation in order to get the music. It is a sacrifice of future income for them, but really you make the sacrifice. Think about it. Here you are, you've just dropped $19.07 at Strawberries for some album fileld with songs by various artists, half of them you've never heard of anyway, and the song you bought it for actually sucks, big time, and you ask yourself, why didn't Bono just say, "Hey, lads, let's just write a check to feed these kids for a few days, after all, if Sally Struthers says $30 can feed a child for a month, that's a bargain, baby." Or is it just me?

Anonymous said...

Typical liberalism: My "sacrifice" will involve taking (or not giving) to someone else. The only time I give "charity gifts" is when the receiver requests them first.