Friday, September 30, 2005

Until the End of the World

Can you believe this man wants to remain chancellor? At an SPD rally some weeks ago, a student reminded me never to underestimate Gerhard Schröder. And he was right. Just last June, the chancellor and his Social Democrats were polling around 25 percent. But in less than four months, he turned the tables on the opposition, went on the offensive, pummeled Angela Merkel in a televised debate, and increased his support by almost 10 percentage points. His coalition doesn't have enough seats in the Bundestag to rule. But neither do the Christian Democrats, who are now talking about a compromise. They want to form a Grand Coalition with the SPD. Schröder says he is willing to join them. On one condition: That he be chancellor.



Anonymous said...

The Germans deserve this clown with a bad dye-job.

Anonymous said...

He guy is very handsome wish he good luck until the End of the world.