Thursday, September 01, 2005

I know there's an election later this month, but I am still somewhat surprised by the sentiments of the German government with regard to the Gulf Coast disaster. Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has now issued two statements of willingness to help, Interior Minister Otto Schily (an old friend of John Ashcroft) has said his country is ready to provide assistance, and just today Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer called Condoleezza Rice, telling her the same thing.

Wasn't New Orleans French?


Anonymous said...

Just when you think the Europeans are all bad they go and do something like this

Anonymous said...

Pardon my sinicism, but I recall the story of the German warship and a "We stand with you" banner immediately following 9/11. I think we all know how that turned out. Words are cheap, especially when they come from german leaders up for election.