Sunday, September 11, 2005

An Old Man's Luck

Andre Agassi doesn't have a chance to win against Roger Federer. More to the point, Agassi doesn't have a chance to even win a set against Federer. Federer is that good; Agassi is that old.

Yet here we are, Agassi up a break in the second, and playing like a champion. If he can get his first serve percentage back up, keep Federer away from the net, and keep pounding away on the kid's backhand . . .

To be honest, even if all of those things happen, it would be an enormous achievement for Agassi to simply get a set off of the number one player in the world. And you know what? That doesn't take anything away from what he's done ove the last two weeks. In fact, it only underscores Agassi's greatness.

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Scrutineer said...

Agassi has a set and may win, Endberg is vapid, and Carillo is a sleeping pill in a skirt.

But you're right about McEnroe.