Monday, September 12, 2005

I'm Confused . . .

If he was doing a heck of a job, why is he being allowed to resign?

And why did he wait to resign until the Roberts confirmation had begun, instead of stepping down sooner, if it really was in the "best interest of the agency and best interest of the president"? Was it not in FEMA's best interest to resign sooner? Or was it not in the best interest of the president to resign sooner?


Anonymous said...

I am disturbed by the issue I point out in the next few paragraphs.....considering the fact if an honest mistake was made we would deal with it on a different emotional and intellectual level..........but the news blackout on this issue speaks volumes to those who are discussing the following:

I, myself witnessed: approx three/four days ago on one (either CNN or MSNBC) a live interview of a husband and wife who stayed in New Orleans (yet sent their four kids to Baton Rouge grandmother's house when Katrina was on her way) ...the husband mentioned his job forced him to stay behind. The interview was being held in Baton Rouge where they finally were able to reunite with their kids.

In the interview they stated that seconds before the 17th St. levy burst they heard seven explosions. They mentioned something about the fact that breaching the levy would protect the better neighborhoods. They did not state it as if it was a complaint, they (oddly to me) seemed rather cavalier about it.

What was even more odd (translate - obvious) that for days all the news channels would repeat film footage and interviews over and over and over during the days and nights............yet THIS particular interview was NOT repeated after the original broadcast of their comments.

NOW....I've dug up separate statements repeating the same thing "there were seven explosions." One in particular . . which I will link to you . . . is a personal blogger telling friends and family via her blog.........what they experienced and where she was now and how she is. (MY NOTE: she has posted contact numbers so she can discuss her Katrina experience)

Since I've been on a quest to find more about these explosions someone emailed this link that ALSO discusses the explosions (from victims trapped at the Super Dome)

and here: Many of the evacuees have been relating stories regarding hearing explosions between the late hours of Aug. 31, 2005 to the early AM of Sep.1, 2005, which precipitated the flooding of New Orleans. FBI agents are in the process of seizing the seismic recordings from regional seismic monitoring stations. Evidence may exist that shows "unexplainable" earth noise that preceded the levee breaks. View Forum -
(my note: FBI did same thing with 9/11 seismic reports)

THEN THIS: Several witnesses observed the explosions and a local police officer who reported seeing the explosion on 17th street actually committed suicide (or is accused of having done so.)

MORE: ..."the water you see here was the result of FEMA blowing the levees in 7 places symmetrically placed around the city ... Bush on Saturday night before the storm arrived had already signed an executive order giving FEMA overall authority over New Orleans ..." : Home Page (my note: this guy seems focused on the paranormal issues in his other writings but his "blowing the levees" blurb popped up when I was doing internet search)

Since there seems such a news blackout on the levees being blown............and considering this administration's policy of hiding truth (to say the least).....there is probably more to be known on this issue.

It seems to me that if in fact an engineering error was (innocently/negligently) made Bush would want the information freely discussed UNLESS it was worth hiding to this administration-- translate: unqualified FEMA staff -- they are hiding the blame for in this issue. After all, Mike Brown does hold the cards over Bush, et al simply because of his deep connection to the Florida vote recount scam. Brown's resignation probably comes with an offshore bank account number instead of a gold watch.

Old Persian saying: NEVER tell your best friend your secrets because your best friend has a best friend!

I would also like to mention: Last week after Bush Cabinet meeting it was a nano- news blurb that disappeared faster than usual out of this administration:

The Cabinet had ".....found the flaw within Homeland Security and FEMA pre-planning for catastrophic events......"they had not considered the possibility of first responders being incapacitated..."

Anonymous said...

You'll have to excuse me, anonymous. I'm due back on the planet earth.

my secret word is: lzwdw

Anonymous said...

Yeah - beat that dead horse, Jonathan.
How come you did not toss your hat into the ring for FEMA director? You seem to have all of the answers.
Also - no posting on the Eagles? Maybe Bush should be as disciplined as Trotter.