Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Some Dare Call 9/21 the Feast of St. Matthew

Others know that it's much, much bigger than that:
Wiccans encircle an altar of fruit and bread as day turns to night in Central Park. The lush strains of a nearby performance of Puccini's "Turandot" blend with the prayers of an ancient Celtic harvest festival.

Wicca is a modern reconstruction of the pre-Christian nature-based religions of Europe.

"There is an exquisite, ecstatic sense of the sacred," said Phyllis Curott, lawyer, author and the priestess of the Temple of Ara.

"You literally feel your heart open. Being in the circle is like being in the womb of the great Goddess."

To get the full sense, you need to click through to the picture.

Esq., Priestess


Anonymous said...

Man, where are Sprenger & Krämer when you need them?! : )

Anonymous said...

Man I love Turandot.

Anonymous said...

"You literally feel your heart open."


Anonymous said...

"Wiccan" was also a pre-Christian adjective meaning "not all that hot."

Brian Moore