Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Actor Wesley Snipes has been indicted on no less than eight counts of tax fraud and may face 16 years in prison. Federal prosecutors claim Snipes failed to file his returns for six years and owes the government close to $12 million. Not even Willie Mays Hayes can outrun these charges. No roundhouse kick will knock down these allegations. White Men Can't Jump but they sure can find a way to send you to jail. U.S. Marshals will soon be knocking on his door. Let's just say The Money Train will be making one last stop--to Riker's Island! To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar!

Okay, enough already. This is serious stuff. But let me add that if the feds end up putting Snipes away, there will most definitely be an increase in the population of vampires.


Anonymous said...


You might think he'll end up deep in the red, but that's because you've forgotten to always bet on black!

jjv said...

If he cuts a deal to pay his taxes in the next month and Bush pardons him, we will hold the House and Senate. Pardon Snipes! He just wanted a flatter tax!

Anonymous said...

Making that much money, how do you just not file for 6 years? 6 years!

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