Thursday, October 05, 2006

Trailer City

The shorter, theatrical trailer for Frank Miller's 300 is up.


arrScott said...

At least the shorter version dispenses with the "new age of freedom" nonsense spoken in the longer trailer. Thermopylae is a great story of valor, especially the last stand of the 700 Thespians and 300 Spartans, but classical Sparta was a model of totalitarianism that practiced a mode of chattel slavery considered morally repugnant even by the gleeful slaveholders of their neighbor Greeks. As soon as the Persians were stopped, the Spartans went right back to their age-old campaign to conquer their neighbors, stamp out democracy, and enslave non-Spartan Greeks.

At Thermopylae, the Spartans were essentially professional slave-soldiers subject to the most brutal discipline and ordered to fight to the death, but the Thespians were free men, citizen-soldiers who elected to stand and die fighting. Imagine a civilization-saving battle where 300 Communist Chinese conscripts and 700 U.S. Marines fought beside each other to the last man, and Oliver Stone made a movie that celebrated the heroism of the Chinese but ignored the Marines. That's what 300 amounts to. It's a beautiful graphic novel that really doesn't need to be made into a movie. Far better to have adapted Richard Moe's Last Full Measure, which tells the story of 300 American volunteers who chose to make a suicidal but battle-salvaging last stand that saved the United States as a free nation.

Anonymous said...

When is Ronin coming to the big screen?