Monday, October 16, 2006

I've been busy, in case you've been wondering. But with what? Trying to start a family? Finding new ways to put bread on the table? Feeding the hungry?

As it turns out, I've spent the last week mesmerized by our new Samsung LCD. As you know, it is the official television of the NFL. After the Comcast technicians replaced a defective cable box, the Mrs. and I were finally able to sit down, turn it on, and in high definition watch ... Dancing with the Stars. You could actually see Jerry Springer glistening. My wife is a big fan of CSI but do I really want to see all those morsels of bload-soaked brain matter that close? Oh right, there was baseball. And that was truly amazing. Except I'm not really interested in the playoffs (I think the Nationals were only 300 games behind first place in the NL East).

Besides that, there is so much more. Did you know you can watch Bill Maher on HD? That nose! Or The McLauglin Group? Quick, back to Saw!

But all I could think was, Wait 'til Sunday. I'll sprawl out on the couch, wear a bib, eat, drink, and belch from noon to 11pm. It figures the first game on CBS turned out not to be in HD. Which in the end was a good thing since my Skins decided to implode, but that is another story.

Also interesting to watch in HD was a program that ran on Cinemax last Thursday at around 11pm.

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Anonymous said...

"My Skins", cmon Matus, who are you kidding, everyone knows you hate the Skins.