Thursday, October 12, 2006

Under Rated?

I've been saying for weeks that the Detroit Tigers felt a lot like last year's White Sox. Now that they're up 2-0 on the A's, it's reasonable to consider where we'll have to put the Tigers' two most important contributors in the grand scheme of things if they do win the World Series.

Let's start with Jim Leyland. If Leyland wins World Series rings with two different teams--and those teams are the Marlins and the Tigers--doesn't that put him in the pantheon of all-time great managers? That would be the equivalent of winning NBA titles with the Bucks and the Cavaliers. Or Super Bowls with Chargers and Bills. It's an amazing accomplishment and should mark him as one of the greats.

And how about Pudge Rodriguez? He's averaging .304 for his career and slugging .483. He's a 13-time All Star, has won 11 Gold Gloves, and is the best defensive catcher of his generations. If the Tigers win the World Series, you'll have to combine all of this with the fact that he's the sparkplug which ignited two championship teams. How great is this guy?

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Anonymous said...

And even more amazing with Rodriguez is that he is doing all of this AFTER he got off steroids.