Friday, October 13, 2006

Jenny and Tara

Jenny has a very, very mean post about Tara Reid's Plastic Surgery Nightmare. It almost made me cry. Why is everyone so mean to Tara? Why is it that everyone thinks Lohan and Hilton are chic tramps but Tara is just pathetic.

But then I remembered Tara and the good days of Bodyshots and Big Lebowski. They'll never be able to take that away from her. No they won't.

P.S.: Did you notice? Not one word about the Cowboys? That's because any team that gets a W after giving up a rushing TD to Drew Bledsoe should be quietly grateful.


Jenny said...

I always thought Julianne Moore was the hotter Lebowski in that movie. I likes 'em freaky.

Re: Boys and Beagles - It's always painful when your quarterback decides to jump ship and play for the other team during a game. He played a better game for you than McNabb did. Wanna trade?

That Dude said...

Uh Jenny no offense, but do you have any idea what youa re talking about? Dmac is THE MVP this yr. I dont wana hear that Bledsoe lost the game for you all, McNabb WON IT.

Johnny Last, dont ever forget, when you beat the 'pokes, YOU ALWAYS GLOAT.

Jenny said...

Dearest, "that dude,"

Multiple turnovers are game winners. Worked out for us pretty well this weekend, thank gawd.

Anonymous said...

"Oh When the Saints... Go Marching In...!!" Reid is a sap, and a fat one at that. The Beagles need a running game, cause Chunky Soup can't do it alone.

Anonymous said...

I heart Jenny.

But not the Cowboys.