Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Wii Nugget of the Day

From IGN:
Microsoft debuted Xbox 360 with a miniscule amount of systems. Sony is set to do the same with PlayStation 3. But Wii will kickoff in America on November 19 backed by a whopping one million units and a steady flow of more shipments. By the end of the year, approximately four million Wiis will be available around the globe and the chances are extremely strong that they'll all go sold. Nintendo has delivered a lowball estimate of six million Wiis available by March 2007, but insider reports suggest that as many as 12 million pieces of hardware could be available by that time period.

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arrScott said...

With X360 already on the market at a lower price with a solid roster of titles (though no must-have game like Mario 64 or Halo) and Wii apparently set to deliver truly revolutionary gameplay, question for the gaming Slaves:

"PS3: What's the point?"

BTW, that Madden Wii video made me drool for a similarly implemented baseball title. Batting where you actually swing. Pitching where the flick of your wrist establishes the quality of your breaking pitch. I don't much like console sports sims, because mashing buttons just doesn't feel like playing a sport to me -- and anyway I'd rather be the manager or the head coach, setting lineups and calling plays. But if other sports titles for the Wii are anything like what Madden is promising, I may come back to the genre.