Thursday, October 26, 2006

To all my homeys in lockdown at the Firm:

This Kirkland & Ellis recruitment video is priceless. Sample: "I fill my day as much as possible, I go home, I have dinner with my family. And then I go work again, as necessary." Remember, this isn't a warning, it's the sales pitch.

Bonus: Check out the podcast pitches at Anonymous Law Firm.


Anonymous said...

Don't cry for me. I'm already dead.

Anonymous said...

I had to check the K&E website to confirm that it was real. Charfoos is on the website, but I couldn't find the others. "If you make the extra effort and try to balance, you can, on balance, do so." WTF? What does this even mean? Is he a sphinx? I note that Mr. Davis is no longer on the firm's website. He probably got fired for that performance. To make the video a little more sexy, they should have hired that kid from Yale who can break bricks with his bare hands.

Anonymous said...

Maybe K&E decided that the others were paying too much attention to "life" end of the "work-life balance."

More likely: They were poached by other firms. I suspect that as soon as that video hit the web, 20 other firms immediately started throwing giant bags of cash at associates so willing to advertise their sad lives.

Anonymous said...

The really terrifying part of that video is that I use that same "I have dinner with my family and then work at home if necessary" line when I recruit law students.