Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Comic Book Movies

Fantastic Four was, I contend, the worst comic book adaptation ever put on film. I include in this discussion Howard the Duck.

But now there's news that the F4 sequel will feature the Silver Surfer and maybe even Galactus. Make your own jokes.


Anonymous said...

You're right about Fantastic Four. I only watched as much of it as I did because I couldn't believe it was as bad as it was, given the fairly high quality of the cast. I kept thinking that it had to get better, but it didn't.

Anonymous said...

The cast, the cast...The cast does not guarantee a decent script, or any quality at all. All you know is that certain actors will show up.

Anonymous said...

They blew it all in the FANTASTIC FOUR comic book and cartoon VICTOR VONDOOM was not with them in fact he was in a explosion which left his face disfugied and there was REED RICHARDS,SUE STORM,JOHHNY STORM and BEN GRIMM and that was before REED and SUE got married and then there was SPIDERMAN and THE INCREDIBLE HULK