Monday, October 02, 2006

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Galley Friend S.B. has a fantastic email report from one of his buddies, P.K., who's a Phillies fan who got to attend the Phils-Nationals game where the Big Collapse started:
When I realized the Phils-Nats game was going to start in half an hour, peddaled my bike down there, getting into the stadium as the 2nd Phillie was at the plate, in time to watch them throw up a complete shit-burger in front of about 600 of the most insanely rabid Phillies fans you'd ever see.

Seriously, this crowd of fans, they were the dregs. No actual brawls, but several near brawls--and these were near-fights among the Phillies fans.

I was actually glad to discover, once I got there, that they weren't serving any beer.

As we commiserated at the urinals after the game--is there any more pathetic way to commiserate--one guy summed it all up: "Fuck. Fuck. We're done. And the Flyers are gonna suck, the Sixers are just done, and who knows what the Eagles are gonna do next. God damn it. Where's Smarty Jones, seriously, where's that horse? Smarty, we love you, come back, SMARTY, SMARTY!"

For reals.

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