Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Batman II

Mike Russell has a long interview with Christopher Nolan with all sorts of tidbits about The Prestige, but the best news is that the Batman sequel is going to be titled The Dark Knight.

I didn't fall in love with Batman Begins, but hope springs eternal.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, we can always hope. Bust in the effort to avoid assuming room temperature, don't hold your breath.

arrScott said...

The problem is that Dark Knight Returns was a fantastic graphic novel that didn't quite get the character of Batman right. (But it was so darned good, still easily one of the five greatest works of graphic fiction ever done, that it doesn't matter whether it's also the perfect Batman story. Released at almost exactly the same time, Batman: Year One was the superior rendering of the Batman character.) The Tim Burton Batman was similarly a very good superhero movie but a terrible rendering of the Batman character. In one scene, Batman casually throws a baddie henchman down a church steeple to his certain death. It's a quick moment; the camera doesn't linger, but it's as plain as day that Batman just killed a guy. Even in the "grittiest" moments of Dark Knight Returns Batman doesn't kill. "Can't have a back door, Alfred," Batman says of lethal force in Dark Knight Returns. "Might be tempted to use it."

In a post-X-Men and X-Men II world, Batman Begins felt lackluster. But it got closer than any other adaptation to getting the Batman character right. So I hold out much more hope for a quality sequel than for any superhero movie since X-Men.

The real test will be the hero/villain count: The history of the previous Batman franchise is one of increasing the number of heroes and villains in each movie, with quality dropping by the inverse square of the total number of heroes and villains. Batman and Robin had three heroes and three villains, and it was 1/36 as good as Batman.

Hulkette said...

Seriously? Batman Begins went down on my list as Best. Comic Book. Movie. Ever.

I came out of the theater telling my friend Sarah that I'd babysit for her four children anytime, just so she and her husband could see this movie. They took me up on it, and pretty much agreed with me.

Looking forward to Prestige and any Batman sequel with the same team.

Although, maybe it's a girl thing. We really, REALLY like Christian Bale.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone remember the 60 TV series i mean holy camp batman those goofy fight scienes with POW,BIFF,SPLAT,BAM,SOCK flashed on the screen then they even had a cartoon series