Friday, April 15, 2005

Democrats, Gödel, and Fox News

Donkey Rising carries post on Red vs. Blue corporations, the idea being that "The beauty of selective patronage and boycotts is that it is a way that rank and file Dems can get involved in supporting their party on a daily basis and their success does not depend in any way on politicians. Reducing a company's profits by even 1 percent can start stockholders howling for reform."

Here's the problem: One of "Ten Bluest Corporations" in America is . . . News Corp!?!

But wait! How can that be? Rupert Murdoch . . . Roger Ailes . . . Karl Rove . . . Ken Lay . . . Halliburton . . . Bush . . . evil? Right? No, wait, arrgghhhh!

Wouldn't it be fun to have a Daily Kos thread devoted to untangling this Gödel-like incompleteness problem?

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