Monday, April 11, 2005

Uncle Grambo may need medical attention. It's like his birthday, Christmas, and his bat mitzvah all at once.


Anonymous said...

I gotta say, Grambo's obsession with Bynes is highly disturbing. Not only has he been panting over her since she was 17 (a decade younger than him)but even now she looks extremely young--like 15. I admire most of Grambo's humorous posting on pop-culture, but this Bynes thing is repulsive.

Anonymous said...

Isn't "grambo" what Jerry Mouse's cousin says in his famous song, just before his guitar string breaks and he plucks Tom's whisker?

Jerry had approx. 6 family members visit him and whip Tom's ass? Why did Tom have no alley brethren to answer the call?

Jason O.

Uncle Grambo said...

Hey Frank The Anonymous Closeted Tank, why don't you just drop me an email instead of bashing me anonymously?

And, for the record, she's more than a decade younger than me. There's 12 years between us. Robvs.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for dragging this mess into your blog Galley Slaves. I like what you guys do here and at the Standard. Keep up the good work.

Frank the Tank (aka someone posting anonymously from their workplace)

That Dude said...