Thursday, April 28, 2005

Help Me Tiger, You're My Only Hope

Galley Reader E.H. sends along a link to the The Darth Side, a blog run by Lord Vader himself. You ask for samples:
Have I mentioned before that I am surrounded by idiots? Let me cut to chase and just tell you up front: the rebels got away. All of them. General Veers, bless his heart, must have destroyed two dozen armed speeders and and an entire line of infantry -- but those were just ants. We failed to take Mothma, Organa, Rieekan, Skywalker or even the traiterous fish Ackbar.

More, you say?
At any rate, the attack on the hidden rebel base began and I had General Veers mount a ground assault. Once his walkers had destroyed the rebel generator I made planetfall and personally supervised our incursion into the base. I must say that the stormtroopers' new heavy weather gear makes them look very cool. Hats off to Palpatine. (Most people don't know this but His Excellency designs all of our outerwear personally; he has a real flair for geometry, and a great sense of line.)

Here's where I need your help. Soon, the forces of Lucasfilm will destroy the Darth Side. Perhaps they are on their way even as we speak.

But there is hope. I hear talk that the new Mac OS, Tiger, has a feature that allows you to download entire sites. Surely one of you has gotten Tiger already. You know what to do.

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Anonymous said...

Tiger? Overkill for something as simple as this. Took less than 15 seconds to download the entire site with wget -r