Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I just came out of a breakfast with Redskins coach Joe Gibbs. For those who haven't met the man in person, he is much taller and more physically fit than he appears to be on television. He is also downright personable and chatty. But what he is mostly is a devout Christian. He was asked to give a talk at the Metropolitan Club, and what he talked about was the importance of Scripture and playing "on God's team." I am sure there were those who didn't expect this to be a deeply personal and religious conversation but it was nevertheless reassuring that the winner of three Super Bowl championship titles and owner of a highly successful NASCAR racing team is still firmly rooted to the ground.

Also in attendance was back-up quarterback Mark Brunell, another man well-connected to his faith. In person he is rather friendly and earnest. Asked about showing up to the coach's "voluntary" practices, he said it was more than voluntary. Brunell also seemed taller than his stats suggest (6'1") and leaner. I admit I felt bad for hating him for his performance last season. He's a nice guy, I thought, but why did he have to be so bad last year?! Am I wrong to have hated him?! My conscience berated me.

Gibbs, incidentally, offered no comment regarding linebacker LaVar Arrington's remarks in today's Washington Post about not feeling the love from the coaching staff. (Gibbs actually said he didn't want to know what LaVar said until after he's had some breakfast in him.)


That Dude said...

Gibbs was the most underrated coach in HIS day and now unfortunately for you, but fortunate for Eagles fans is in WAY over his head.

Cranky Yankee said...

It seems a little oxymoronic to describe a religious guy as, "firmly rooted to the ground."

I'm just saying....