Monday, April 11, 2005

High Steaks in AC

There were only two problems I had with the Sopranos' critically acclaimed episode known as "Pine Barrens," directed by Steve Buscemi and revolving around the attempted disposal of a Russian commando's body in the deep woods of New Jersey.

Problem one: The episode was not actually shot in the Pine Barrens but in Upstate New York.

Problem two: Paulie Walnuts comforts Christopher, who is starving, by saying that after they dump off the body they can go to Atlantic City and eat at Morton's.

At the time, there was no Morton's in Atlantic City and with some reason--AC is no LV. But as various travel writers have recently noted, the Shining City on the Sea is undergoing some sort of rebirth, marked by Steve Wynn's Borgata and "The Quarter" at Tropicana. Add to this a new Morton's Steakhouse located at Caesar's Palace, adding a bit more realism to Paulie's line.

(Though as Sopranos followers will recall,the closest they came to eating a Morton's steak was a mix of frozen ketchup, mustard, and relish packets.)


Anonymous said...

Problem three: the Russian commando disappeared alive, never to be seen again. Likely? --Klug

Cranky Yankee said...

How do you know he disappeared alive? All you know is that Paulie and Spider couldn't find him.