Friday, April 15, 2005

This One's On Me

Yes, it's my fault. I've been making uncharitable comments about Andrew Sullivan's abandoned promise to stop blogging. Now he has responded:
A few of you have had the temerity, the chutzpah, the salty chocolate balls, to ask if I've given up on my decision to drastically reduce my blogging commitments. Er, well, the thing is . . . Actually, I have. In deference to my relationship (and my sanity), I'm not blogging in the early hours any more. I'm spooning.

Yup, my bad. Sorry guys.

[Hold up--how does the sleep-apnea mask fit into the spooning picture? -ed I won't dignify that with a response.]


Anonymous said...

I have a little theory, based on something that I've been known to do in the past:
Every time I'm feeling a little underappreciated or a little underpaid at work I whine, bitch, complain, and threaten to quit. Usually when I do this my superiors will heap praise upon me and throw some money at me in the form of a bonus or raise, which usually satisfies me for a year or so. Methinks Sullivan has the same idea. He felt like nobody appreciated him and he wasn't raising enough money, so he writes a long post where he announces his semi-"retirement" from blogging, whereupon he continues to blog just the same. Shortly after his announcement I imagine plenty of his loyal readers wrote him to beg him to not quit and he probably received a boost in donations. Now he continues to write but claims he doesn't do it before dawn. Well guess what, nobody noticed you blogged before dawn because we don't go on all-night drug benders like he does and we wake up at normal hours and read his blog then. So to most of his readers, it's like nothing has changed.

Janette said...

I was going to voice the same theory as anon. I believe Sullivan was feeling needy and this was his way of getting attention. Fine, no problem. But he needs to remember: it only works once. From here on out he has to rely on his talent to raise that cash.

The Gipper Lives said...

Spooning leads to forking, and that's where we part cutlery.

"Waiter--there's a tine in my spoon!"