Sunday, April 03, 2005

Kinsleyism at Slate

No surprise how Slate covers the passing of the Pope. In a word--Counterintuitive! The headlines:
Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Who Will Be the Next Pope?

How They'll Choose Him

Catholic Right vs. Catholic Left on John Paul II's Legacy

Christopher Hitchens on His Sins

That's how you do journalism, folks; you've got to hit the story from unexpected angles, even if it means looking stupid.

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Anonymous said...

The first story was a classic horse-trading piece, pretty typical for a newspaper; the second, an explanation of papal succession; the third, a dialogue on the church after John Paul II; the fourth, a rather confusing indictment from Hitch. You may not like the choice of subjects, but these are all fairly typical and don't make Slate look stupid in the least. If you're upset they didn't do a fawning profile of him - and as much as I liked him, it's been saturated this weekend - just say so.