Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Washington Post and the Pope

I generally like Hanna Rosin's work a lot, so I'm doubly shocked by how flawed her analysis of Pope John Paul II: Her basic thesis is that his papacy was a failure. Huh? I've got a longer piece on the matter here.

If I had to bet, I'd wager this is just another case of Kinsleyism run amok. That's fine, but Rosin's a fine writer and reporter. She's better than this.


Bill Baar said...

So is she just a lazy journalist or is this her agenda? It's dumfounding how she could over look facts.

Anonymous said...

I heard a similar thesis at the end of a retrospective on NPR yesterday by Sylvia Poggioli. Basically, that he was the most beloved Pope no one ever paid any attention to. In a way, its funny listening to or reading mainstream journalists try to put this man in a box. I'm sure I look just as silly when I my own vanity on display.