Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Washington Post and the Pope

I generally like Hanna Rosin's work a lot, so I'm doubly shocked by how flawed her analysis of Pope John Paul II: Her basic thesis is that his papacy was a failure. Huh? I've got a longer piece on the matter here.

If I had to bet, I'd wager this is just another case of Kinsleyism run amok. That's fine, but Rosin's a fine writer and reporter. She's better than this.


Bill Baar said...

So is she just a lazy journalist or is this her agenda? It's dumfounding how she could over look facts.

Anonymous said...

I heard a similar thesis at the end of a retrospective on NPR yesterday by Sylvia Poggioli. Basically, that he was the most beloved Pope no one ever paid any attention to. In a way, its funny listening to or reading mainstream journalists try to put this man in a box. I'm sure I look just as silly when I my own vanity on display.

TylerGirl96 said...

Not all was wrong at the Post this morning. George Will made the point that “one of the most consequential people of the 20th century's second half was a Pole who lived in Rome, governing a city-state of 109 acres.” It was a good tribute to a man who did so much for freedom and humanity.