Friday, April 01, 2005

Now We Know Why

In case you wondered why much of the left hardened against Terri Schiavo.


Anonymous said...

For argument's sake, assume Terri Schiavo unequivocally expressed a wish to have her feeding tubes removed and water withheld under these exact circumstances. Assume, again for argument's sake, that the law clearly allows removal of feeding tubes and water under the circumstances. Should the courts have honored her wishes? Should the Florida legislature have passed a bill eliminating the possibility of removing the feeding tubes and water under the above circumstances?

If, under the above mentioned circumstances, you believe the court and legislature should honor her wishes, then you just might understand how some of us lefties view the issue.

What should the result be under the hypothetical?

Anonymous said...

There is no reasoning with the Right, because there is no consistency to their positions. "Hey federal government, don't interfere in states' rights!" until a state wants to institute same-sex marriage, then we need a federal constitutional amendment to stop it. "Hey government, stay out of our personal lives!" until a man wants to allow his extraordinarily brain-damaged wife to die peacefully, then the legislature must intervene in this family decision.

The so-called "logic" changes to suit whatever the Right's whim is today.