Monday, April 11, 2005

Hello from the Children of Planet Earth

Rick Weiss laments NASA's pulling the plug on the Voyager program in yesterday's Washington Post Outlook section. He is right that our curiousity has waned and even makes a clever reference to Star Trek: The Motion Picture. But he makes no reference whatsoever to the far more interesting Golden Record, let alone its pivotal role in Starman.

Galley Slave JVL disagrees profoundly with the importance of the Voyagers, saying a real space probe would be black and have squid-like legs.

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Anonymous said...

Where do you start?

First, Klemperer's Beethoven interpretation is OK, but they should hve put Karajan's 1963 DG cycle 5th on Voyager.

"Maybelline" is a better song than "Johnny B Goode"...actually "Nadine" is a better than JBG due to the "coffee colored Cadillac" lyric.

Interesting how they've got no major Arab/Islamic music on the record, while including pygmy girls initiation rites and panpipes from New Guinea. Makes you think of Bernard Lewis's contention that "Islam" is jealous that they've been culturally stagnant for several centuries.

Jason O.