Monday, April 04, 2005

Still More on the Schiavo "TPM"

Scott Johnson delivers another body blow to the Republican "talking points memo" on Terri Schiavo. This story keeps getting worse for the Post and ABC.

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arrScott said...

Score this one to old media. The Post has all the relevant parties on the record now (, and the story is thus:

Sen. Mel Martinez, who led Republican efforts to tear down the Constitution in the Terri Schiavo tragedy, handed the memo to Sen. Tom Harkin, describing the memo as "talking points." The memo reached the media through Harkin. It was written by a legal aide to Martinez, who was apparently too busy writing the memo to notice that the bill violated the supreme law of the land, and who has since resigned for the sin of truthfully writing what Republicans were thinking. Aides to other Republican senators were familiar with the memo at the time of the first press reports of it.

So the memo was produced and distributed by a Republican leader on this issue, it was distributed to other Republicans, it was passed around on the Senate floor, and it did consist of talking points. That's old media 4, right-wing blogs 0.