Sunday, April 03, 2005

I've come to resent the media horde that's been staking out my church since Friday morning. I understand that they're just doing their jobs, but I do this for a living too, and there's a respectful, professional way to report on people. And there's the Geraldo way. Most of the reporters inside and outside St. Matthew's in Washington--print, broadcast, and radio--were practicing the latter.

But Fr. Bryce Sibley makes an excellent point:
As I sat up late last night watching FoxNews' coverage of the Holy Father's illness, it dawned on me that continuous cable coverage of this event enables people all over the world to in some virtual way to keep vigil with the Holy Father. As repetitive as the coverage can be, modern media and television coverage gives millions of Catholics around the world an opportunity during the death of a Pope that people have never had before.

It makes the intrusive media just about worth it.

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John Hubbard said...

I'm really enjoying the coverage. As a Baptist, I'm not very educated in Catholicism and this week has been very informative. This is the first time I can remember hearing the Cardinal in Washington. He's made a great first impression.

I think this will really help the perception of the Catholic church.