Friday, June 03, 2005

New Hotness

From The Superficial's interview with model/actress/whatever April Scott:
Q: I heard that you’re so hot, a boy actually died after kissing you. And that’s why you had to leave Missouri. You’re like Rogue from the X-Men. You went on a quest to understand and harness your powers. Powers of hotness. Is that true?

Friggin' awesome.

And later:
April: And I am shooting my own swimsuit calendar right now. So that's exciting.

Q: Wow, all you, just you?

April: Just me.

Q: I’m not gonna lie to you . . . I’m very much interested in seeing that.

It's like someone melded Matt Labash and Greg Gutfeld.


That Dude said...

If this is the same April Scott then I think the interviewer did a better job of asking questions than I could lol.

Anonymous said...

your link to the april scott site gave anyone who clicked on it the "avenue A, inc." spyware.

Anonymous said...

Louie, Louie, I didn't follow the link in this entry, but had visited that site from another link a few days ago. Had no problems with it, but I am running:

It's free, and supposedly will remain free when it goes gold. Seems to work well. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...


I split that link, as it didn't seem to come through completely in the previous post.