Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Since my colleague decided to bring it up, I discovered a terrific site for anyone who spent time on the Jersey shore and either had enough courage to visit Brigantine Castle or is still traumatized by the commercials. (I would be in the latter.) Enjoy.


That Dude said...

BC used to scare the SHEEEEIT out of me as a kid. The commercials alone used to creep me out.

T_Riley said...

Dude - Brigantine Castle in the 70's was where I first learned that pot-smoking teenagers were such a HUGE threat to society.

Anthony said...

My name is Anthony and I am very big fan of Brigantine Castle. When I was around 7-9, I had the privilege of going through the greatest Haunted House Attraction of all time Brigantine Castle. Still today I have not came across anything like Brigantine Castle. I am always in search of new pictures and I would love to see any video on the castle. I saw Frightscape web site and also Dark in the Park and what a great flash back it gave me. If you have any other Pictures or video that is not on these sites please e-mail them to me. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Again.