Tuesday, October 24, 2006


From Galley Brother B.J.:
mmentators kept talking about whether Parcells could put Bledsoe back in. I was dieing to see Parcells go over to Bledsoe to tell him to go back in, only to have Bledsoe laugh at Parcells (or hit him with the Stone Cold Stunner) flip off the crowd and walk off the field.

Romo had a chance to become my favorite non-Eagle player in the league. He hit a wide open (as in no one within 10 yards wide open) Owens in the hands on 4th down halfway through the 4th quarter, and Owens dropped it. If Romo would have bitched Owens out on the sideline, he’d have become a superstar in my book.

The Giants pretty much won the NFC East last night.

Kornheiser needs to get dropped from MNF. Not because he’s a bad color analyst (which he is), but because every piece of his I’ve read or appearance of him on PTI I’ve seen since he started MNF has consisted of him bitching about doing MNF. Either he’s groaning about holding back on being snarky and making empty promises to change next week or he’s complaining about how he doesn’t have time to follow anything else because he spends all of his time on a bus looking at football stats.


Anonymous said...

"The Giants pretty much won the NFC East last night."

Jeezus. Relax. There are 10 games to go, and the Giants have all of a 1/2-game lead on the Iggles and a 1-game lead on the Boys.

The rest of the e-mail is correct.

Anonymous said...

I keep reading various comments about how the Cowboys were only down by five when Bledsoe was yanked, therefore throwing in the towel on the season after 5 1/2 games...what did you see in the first half that made you think Bledsoe was going to pull this game -- and save the season -- out? Ironically , he sealed his own fate with that horrendous interception at a time where the Cowboys were positioned to take a lead in a game they were being completely dominated in...no mobility with an error-prone line is hard enough to overcome, but to throw in bone-headed, stubborn mistakes, it's just not the right elixer to win in this league...right move last night and for the season!!

Anonymous said...

The following transcript has just been uncovered from New England Patriot archives, it outlines a conversation between Bill Parcells and the Patriot scouting staff a month before the 1993 NFL Entry Draft….

Parcells: Ok gentleman, we have the first overall pick. We need a QB and I keep hearing Bledsoe and Mirer, talk to me, who do we pick….

Scout 1: Bledsoe, it’s gotta be him. I love this guy, coach. Big, strong, rifle for an arm, cool as a cucumber. Big numbers in college. A winner. Chicks dig him, guys want to be him.

Parcells: Great, there must be a downside….what are the negatives?

Scout 2: Well, a couple of his teammates at Washington State have started calling him “Drew Intercepto”….he’s thrown a few picks at bad times this year. In the red zone, deep in his own end, that sorta thing.

Parcells: How many is a few?

Scout 2: Twelve. But I guarantee you, we can coach that out of him. He’ll be fine. His decision making process is SOLID. He sees the whole field.

Parcells: OK, any thing else wrong with him?

Scout 1: Well, he’s not the fastest guy you’ll ever see. But he can move in the pocket. He’s nimble. And he’s so darn big, defenders will bounce right off him. You won’t be able to sack him.

Parcells: So what you are saying is that he’s quality groceries.

Scout 1: What?

Scout 2: Hunh?

Parcells: Never mind. Look, suppose I look this kid over and decide he ain’t the one. Then we go with Mirer, right?

Scout 1: For sure. I love Mirer. He’s can’t miss. He’s never done much at the high school or college level, but I love his intangibles. And his vision. He sees the field even better than Bledsoe.

Scout 2: Yeah, Mirer is clutch. You shoulda seen him in the Purdue game this year, he fumbled the snap, picked himself up and threw and interception. But he chased the defender 65 yards down the field to make the tackle. Kid showed a lot of moxie. Bottom line coach, you can’t go wrong either way.

Parcells: I just don’t want to be sitting here 10-12 years from now, regretting the day I ever heard the name Drew Bledsoe.

Scout 1: Hey, if things get that bad we can always trade his butt to Buffalo!!!

Scout 2: HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!! Trade our franchise quarterback to our biggest division rival…right! Happens every day in the NFL…..

Parcells: OK so it’s settled, Bledsoe is our guy, now let’s take a look at WR. I love this kid Ray Crittenden from Virginia Tech, heck of a soccer player I’m told……