Monday, October 30, 2006

PS 3 Wins?

GameDaily constructs what is probably the strongest case to be made for Sony's PS3 prospects. I still don't find it all that convincing.

Bonus: Here's the new PS3 ad. Watch it and tell me if it makes any sense to you. Maybe the problem is that I'm not Japanese.

Extra-Bonus: By comparison, check out this fantastic early Dreamcast ad for Sega's NFL 2K:


Anonymous said...

Being Japanese, it isn't because you are not Japanese. WTF?!? Rumor does have it that it's Sony Headquarters--Advertising Division Block 3 Section 12 which is to blame. There a Mr. Yamaguchi is in charge--Comparative Lit. Tokyo University, class of 1984. He's Derrida 24/7. Real hardcore. Damn French.


Michael said...

Sorry, There's a fark thread on this and I think the Wii is going to wipe the floor with everybody, because the Wii is fun.

Really, just trying to figure out all the buttons and nonsense and sitting on the couch or getting up and making a fool of yourself in front of friends and family.