Tuesday, April 12, 2005

British Invasion, Al-Jazeera Style

Galley Friend J.E. sends along a link to this story:

Al-Jazeera, the controversial Arab all-news channel is offering top salaries to recruit British journalists for its English-language channel due to launch later this year, the London Sunday Observer reported. The news channel is creating a new newsroom in London, the newspaper said, and is likely to attract several of the more than 300 journalists that the BBC is expected to lay off as part of its current financial retrenchment.

How will we know the difference?


Anonymous said...

That reminds me of something I heard on NPR about those two. It must have been 2-3 years ago, when Al-Jazeera was first being noticed in the west.

NPR was doing a segment on whether Al-Jazeera was a bad influence in the Muslim world for reportedly whipping up hatred against the U.S. and Israel. Among the experts interviewed in the segment was (I believe) an Indian woman, an intellectual of some sort.

Anyway, the Indian expressed a general bafflement over why she was being asked about this in the first place.

After all, she said, what Al-Jazeera reported in her country about the U.S. and Israel wasn't very different from what the BBC reported. So why was everybody so worried?

Anonymous said...

Wow! If Al-Jazeera opens an operation in the U.S. the entire MSM will be knocking on Its door looking for a position.....On second thought, the MSM already is a satellite operation for Al-Jazeera.

Cranky Yankee said...

Damn you liberal media!

You guys need a new mantra. You might want to try mine.

Damn you coporate media!