Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I'm Just Saying . . .

That it's pretty obvious to me that the Eagles are going to go 16-0 this season. Go ahead, look at the schedule and tell me where you see a loss.


Anonymous said...

I see two: against the Skins baby!!!!!

Thomas Joscelyn said...

Two more to the Gmen!

They are going to be scary this year, they signed the best available LB, OT, WR and kicker!

Yes, yes...kicker!...have you seen their kicking game these last few seasons???

James Wigderson said...

C'mon. They're going to split (at best)against the Dallas Cowboys and you know it. It's just a question of can they win the game at home? Dallas is visiting after a bye week after Philly has had two straight road games including sunday night against the Redskins. Okay, playing the Redskins is like having a bye week, but you get the point.

Anonymous said...

j.w., that bye week analysis was pretty clever.
against the falcons & chiefs b4 the bye week and against "at" the gmen and against the packers IN philly. the pack will be in the middle of an inexplicable high right b4 they begin their inexplicable demise at the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

Dude---week 1, Falcons gonna win, I predict a record year for Vick with defensive players leary of tackling Vick in fear of getting a herpes.

Anonymous said...

At Broncos.
At Giants.
At Chiefs.

Dean Barnett said...

Did someone say the G-Men are going to be "scary" this year? What kind of freaks read this blog?

Frankly, that kind of unsupported and irrational comentarry is more at home at the Democracy Underground.

And is someone else plugging the Skins? Could it be Oliver Willis has the Galley Salves bookmarked?

Thomas Joscelyn said...

"Did someone say the G-Men are going to be "scary" this year?"

Haha, yes Dean...I did! A little rooting is not a problem. (Although they are going to surprise you a bit this guess is 10-6.)

Now, go back to Sox blog and enjoy your World Series and Super Bowl(s) and leave the NYers alone!


That Dude said...

You are all, well...on FRIGGIN CRACK.

Split wit the Cowgirls? two words for you...DREW BLEDSOE, wait six more words...A 34 YEAR OLD DREW BLEDSOE.

The Gmen are better? Two words for you.....Eli Manning

At Broncos?
At Chiefs?
four words for you, Jake Plummer and No Defense.

This team is 14-2 easily and even if someting catastrophic happens with TO (now that he is going cuckoo again) worst case is 12-4.

Rock Throwing Peasant said...

The Skins? That defense is in shambles and they traded away Coles for S. Moss! Now, they look to peddle that bust, Rod Gardner. Ramsey will have tons of fun throwing to...who? Oh, and we really enjoy our "ninth home game" at FedEx. This year, it's a prime time game.

G Men could be tough, but their QB is still raw and Jimmy Johnson has plenty of looks for him and the ever impatient Coughlin. They are the only serious division rival this year.

Cowboys with Bledsoe? There are very few times I think the Lord intervenes in football (Miracle in the Meadowlands, Music CIty Miracle, Danny Snyder buying the Skins), and this may be one. The guy has been used up for years and now takes the helm of teh Cowboys? And making one game close over the last four years doesn't mean the corner is turning.

Chiefs will be tough. I think Arrowhead is over-rated, but the team now has serious talent on defense.

We'll see how the Broncos do now that their "creative blocking" schemes are illegal. Saaaay, what other team adopted those techniques (via a coaching move)?

Atlanta can be a good game, but truth be told Vick doesn't scare the Eagles. Johnson has his game figured out after watching enough Bucs games.

Undefeated is a tough challenge. They went 13-1 before Andy packed it in for the last two games (RUST!).

Cranky Yankee said...

Yup, It's a pretty eaasy schedule and they'll probably win, ort at least get in, the NFC championship game. Then they have to face team that had a real schedule....

With the easy season they had last year they showed they did not have the mental or physical stamina to play with the big boys...

Sorry, I'm still getting nused to the idea that a lifelong Pat's fan can finally talk smack.

Dude knows the deal and is right about Bledsoe. I wish him well, but hate the Cowdogs.

Anonymous said...

The G-Men are taking two from the Eagles this year!

Anonymous said...

james frederick dwight should stick to reminiscing about the year that was 2004. realize, r. soxblog, that your life is all down hill from here. Years from now, small children will avoid you lest you bore them with another yarn from 2004 in Beantown.

-Cousin Chuck

Anonymous said...

The Skins signed Patten and might draft Williams, then their receiving corps will be scary good. Gardner is hardly a bust, his numbers equal Plaxico Burress's and he's had a 1000 year season. With last year's #2 defense and a better offense this year they could easily be 10-6 and steal a game from the Eagles.

Anonymous said...

"and he's had a 1000 year season."

we all know what you just looks funny.

Duane said...

Mon., Sept. 12
Sun., Sept. 18
Sun., Sept. 25
Sun., Oct. 2
Sun., Oct. 9
Sun., Oct. 23
Sun., Oct. 30


That Dude said...

"resurgent Washington Redskins."