Friday, April 01, 2005

I'm sitting listening to a Paula Zahn-led package about the Pope on CNN. It's about how terrible and divisive John Paul II's teachings on women have been. She keeps making the point that this Pope refuses to let women be priests, but she says it like it's some crackpot idea he dreamed up on his own.

Somewhere in the distance, Roger Ailes is smiling.


Jeff Miller said...

Christiane Amanpour yesterday said “There are millions of Catholics who disagree with the very, very conservative views of this Pope. Many women were disappointed at not being empowered to be able to join the Church [I presume she meant ordination.]”

Maybe CNN will get Sinéad O'Connor on to rip up some pictures of the Holy Father.

John Hubbard said...

I usually like CNN, but their coverage of the Pope story has been horrible. They are behind on every development. Plus, their insight isn't very insightful.

Anonymous said...

Amanpour said earlier today that the Pope was the first non-Catholic to be named Pope. I swore I must have mis-heard her until I read it elsewhere on the web. It is stunning ignorance on Amanpour's part to be assigned to cover the Pope's death and not even understand the most basic facts about the title and the religion.

Anonymous said...

If you can watch Paula you deserve what you get!!

Reece said...

Law Jedi,

You remember the end of that movie where Kirk realizes he was wrong and works to make a better world?


Didn't think so.

That Dude said...

I don't mean to sound disrespectful, but F CNN. I mean how can they F up coverage of the Pope. I hope their ratings tank. If this is what Jonathan "Pajama bloggers" Klein means by "telling stories" than they are F'd.