Wednesday, September 22, 2004

An Aleing Campaign

In the race for Senate in Colorado, it seems the Republicans are struggling to replace Ben Nighthorse Campbell, who is retiring, with the candidate they tapped, beer magnate Pete Coors. Although the battle has been brewing for months, polls consistently show Democrat Ken Salazar ahead. Some analysts are now buzzing about the image problem of Coors, who might not be as well known for his conservative credentials as for those truly obnoxious commercials and those screeching words: "AND I LOVE YOU TOO! HERE'S TO FOOTBALL!!!" (Have you ever been to a tailgate like that?) Coors could also use a little more help from the president. Perhaps he ought to draft the Bush twins to help him out. If not, Salazar may just pull away, bringing another Democrat to the U.S. Senate, while leaving Coors flat.

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