Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Trouble with the Left

If you're looking for a tough, intelligent critique of George W. Bush, search no further than this op-ed column. It's this writer's second scathing attack on the Bush administration in as many days and it represents the best case there is to be made against the president.

Here's the problem: It's from George Will.

One wonders why so many Democrats and their partisans get wrapped up in "National Guard" and "blood-for-oil" and "he lied!" idiocy when there really is a valid case to be made against Bush that requires neither exaggeration nor dishonesty.


Dean Barnett said...

"There really is a valid case to be made against Bush that requires neither exaggeration nor dishonesty." So true - to help my friends on the left, I'll give it whirl:


How'd I do?

Shahid Alam said...

The problem with Will has always been that he's an establishment conservative, the kind that doesn't like rocking boats, the kind that fears what might happen when boats get rocked.

In that, he has much in common with the greater part of the Democrat party, and a significant part of the Republican one.

I wouldn't call his critique tough or intelligent. No, his critique is based on vague fearmongering, that somehow all this is for naught. If you don't believe in the cause, if the goal seems implausible, any cost greater than zero is always going to be too much. If instead you believe the cause is just, and necessary, the costs are challenges you find a way to overcome.

Will has been pretty clear that he finds the goal implausible. I think he considers that realism. If I could take a break from history, I might agree with him.